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Case Studies

Professional Services Small Business Office

Sole owner of Professional Services Firm moves into the area and reaches out to our office to help them on the financial services areas of their business. The owner has a portfolio of investments that needs to be managed. Personal Life and Disability Insurances are reviewed and enhanced for the owner. Group Health Benefits and a Retirement Plan are established for the staff of ten employees, including implementation of ongoing educational review meetings throughout the year.

Commercial Construction Partnerships Review

Business Owner approaches our firm to help sort out his multiple entities with multiple partnership agreements. A deep review of the Buy-Sell Agreements and policies are done, and a detailed report is created breaking out gaps in coverage. New plans are put in place coupled with Deferred Compensation and Executive Bonus Plans for the key executives.

Residential Family Construction Business

Family businesses can be tricky to manage. We worked with the different siblings individually and confidentially, on the personal financial planning, as well as, helping put the proper business benefit planning in place for the staff of twenty employees. Also, the owners take advantage of strategic tax planning techniques.

Executive Retiring, Relocating, & Managing Parents’ Estate

IT Executive makes the transition from high income salary to retirement. Through a detailed fact-finding process, assets are consolidated and reallocated based on the client’s risk tolerance. Insurances are reviewed, and upgrade in coverage is put in place along with long-term care insurance. A defined budget is established. As life happens, at the same time, the client’s parents are failing in health and planning for them is needed. The parent’s investments are transferred to us to manage and reallocated properly based on their situation and needs. Both parents eventually pass away and we assist in properly splitting up the assets to the siblings.

Dealing with Challenges of Multiple Beneficiaries

When a client passes away, it’s our duty to organize the beneficiaries and help disburse the funds. In this certain instance, the client was divorced with three children and had a significant other. Some of the assets were split between the children, some were split between the children and the significant other, and some were designated just for the significant other. We were careful to keep the information confidential and only share the proper information with the designated parties. The disbursements were executed per the client’s request.

Transitioning from Sale of Business between Owners

Long-time client decides it is time to retire and finds a seller for his business. The new owner has had many years as a senior manager in the same type of business but this is his first ownership experience. We spend time educating the new owner on the processes involved in providing benefits and resources to his staff. We work together, putting together a timeline of action items to address.

Government Contractors’ Growing Pains

We have worked with many groups that have made the leap from start-up to legitimate small business, in many of these instance, these groups are affiliated with a government contracting business. Several groups start with a few employees and when they get approval for a new contract, manpower and benefit packages are needed, often time with time restraints. We actively coordinate with the carriers to make this situation go smoothly.  There are a lot of moving parts that need to be put in place. We coordinate review meetings with the owners  to get them up to speed on all the areas that need to be addressed.

Executive Couples

Many couples in the Washington Metropolitan Area are highly educated, have dual incomes and have very busy lifestyles. We work with these couples, putting together a detailed financial plan for them which is saved in a secured web portal that can be accessed by them at any time. Review meetings are held on an agreed interval time period, either in person and/or via web conference. All aspects of financial planning are addressed including: focusing on their pressing needs, investment and insurance assessment with recommendations, retirement goal planning, estate planning review and charitable giving.

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