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An Integrated Approach for You and Your Business

It's difficult to separate the financial needs of your business from your personal financial needs and goals. That's why it's important to consider an integrated approach that addresses both your business and personal needs and where those needs intersect. Chain Bridge Financial brings you professional guidance and a network of specialists to provide you with innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Estate and Business Succession Planning

  • Estate planning
  • Trust services
  • Liquidity planning
  • Exit strategies

Personal Planning

  • Retirement income
  • Education funding
  • Asset and income protection
  • Investment services

Business Planning

Employee Benefits

  • Group employee benefits
  • Retirement solutions
  • Benefits for select employees
  • Employer-sponsored benefits

Business Planning

Risk Management

  • Liability coverage
  • Protect business from loss of owners or key employees

Business Life Cycle and Needs

risk management

Protect against business liability

Protect business from loss of owners or key employees

Expanded protection against loss of owners and key employees

Expanded protection against loss of owners and key employees

Review/transfer protection plans

employee benefits

Group medical plan

Group life insurance

Group disability

Group Benefits 

  • Group Disability
  • Group Dental
  • Additional group benefits
  • Voluntary group products

Basic retirement plans

Selective retirement and benefits programs

Employee benefit communication programs

Selective disability protection

Long-term care insurance

Selective retirement/benefit programs

Review/transfer benefits

business succession

Buy-sell agreement

Review buy/sell agreement

Exit strategy

personal planning

Protect income stream

Protect family

Retirement plan

Review personal needs for owners

Review personal needs for owners

Estate planning

Review personal plans for owners

Review estate plans

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